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UN No: 1547
Molecular Formula: C6H7N
HS Code: 29214200.90
EINECS: 200-838-9
Water Solubility: 36 g/L (20℃)
Appearance: colorless clear liquid
Packaging Details: 250 or 270kg/drum, 80drums/FCL.


Aniline is one of the most important intermediates in the dye industry, can be used in the manufacture of acid in the dye industry, acidic media BS, acid yellow ink blue G, direct orange S, direct pink, indigo, scattered yellow brown, cationic pink FG and reactive brilliant red X - SB, etc.; Organic pigments are used to make gold, red, red, phenol red, oil, etc. In the printing and dyeing industry used in dye aniline black; It is used in pesticide industry to produce a lot of insecticides, fungicides such as DDV, weedweed, poisonous weed, etc. Aniline is an important raw material for rubber additives, used in the manufacture of anti-aging agent, anti-aging agent, anti-aging agent RD and anti-aging agent 4010, promoter M, 808, D and CA, etc. It can also be used as the raw material of pharmaceutical sulfonamide, as well as the intermediates of spices, plastics, varnish and film. It can also be used as a stabilizer in explosives, an anti-explosion agent in gasoline and as a solvent. Other products can be used to produce hydroquinone, 2-phenyl indole, etc.

Specification :

Clear to light yellow,oily liquid
% (m/m)
% (m/m)
High boilers
% (m/m)
Low boilers
% (m/m)
Water content by coulometric kf
% (m/m)

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